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  • Shaun Sanders

Ahoy Mateys! Prepare to be Boarded at Pirate Paintball Harrogate!

Updated: May 16

Have ye ever dreamed of swashbuckling adventures, of wielding mighty weapons and facing fearsome foes? Well,shiver me timbers, prepare to set sail on a thrilling voyage at Pirate Paintball Harrogate, your one-stop shop for epic land battles!

Nestled conveniently on Biltonhall Lane, Pirate Paintball offers a treasure trove of exhilarating activities that'll have ye yellin' "Arrr!" with pure excitement. Whether ye be a seasoned buccaneer or a first-time landlubber, we have something for every kind of adventurer.

Fire Away with Paintball!

Our main attraction be the legendary sport of paintball! We boast a meticulously designed pirate-themed battlefield,complete with shipwrecks, forts, and hidden coves. Gather yer crew and prepare to engage in tactical skirmishes,capture the flag missions, or simply unleash a flurry of paint upon yer enemies!

Sharpen yer Axe at the Throwing Range!

Ahoy, there, ye landlubbers who fancy a more barbaric approach! Test yer mettle at our thrilling axe-throwing range.Feel the satisfying thud of the axe as it embeds itself in the target, a primal thrill that'll have ye channeling yer inner Viking berserker. We offer expert instruction to ensure safety and maximize yer axe-throwing prowess.

Hit the Bullseye with Archery!

Calling all aspiring Robin Hoods! Our archery range provides a safe and engaging environment to hone yer skills with the bow and arrow. Master the art of marksmanship, feeling the satisfying twang of the bowstring as ye unleash arrows with pinpoint accuracy. No experience be necessary, as our friendly crew will guide ye on this path to archery mastery.

Sharpshoot with Air Rifle Target Shooting!

Steady yer aim, ye scurvy dogs! Our air rifle target shooting range offers a fantastic opportunity to test yer precision and focus. Feel the weight of the rifle in yer hands, line up yer sights, and unleash a hail of pellets upon the targets. It's a fantastic activity for all ages, perfect for building concentration and marksmanship skills in a safe and controlled environment.

More Than Just Activities!

But wait, there be more! Pirate Paintball Harrogate isn't just about the activities. We offer a variety of packages to suit yer needs, from birthday parties and corporate events to stag and hen dos. Our dedicated team will ensure yer experience be smooth sailing, providing all the necessary equipment, safety briefings, and refreshments to keep yer crew energized throughout the day.

Why Choose Pirate Paintball Harrogate?

Here be just a few reasons why Pirate Paintball Harrogate should be yer top choice for an unforgettable adventure:

  • Unique Pirate Theme: Immerse yourself in a world of swashbuckling fun with our exciting pirate-themed setting.

  • Variety of Activities: Choose from paintball, axe throwing, archery, and air rifle target shooting for a diverse and exciting experience.

  • Suitable for All Ages: We offer activities and packages perfect for families, friends, and corporate groups.

  • Expert Staff: Our friendly and knowledgeable crew will ensure yer safety and maximize yer enjoyment.

  • Convenient Location: Located conveniently on Bilton hall Lane in Harrogate, we're easy to find and perfect for a day of adventure.

  • So, what are ye waitin' for? Gather yer crew and set sail for Pirate Paintball Harrogate! Book yer adventure today and prepare to be boarded for a day of unforgettable thrills and spills!

  • Contact us:

  • Phone: 07362479524

  • Website:

  • Email:

Yo ho ho, and a pirate's life for me!

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